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The processing of various eyelets, rivets and snaps require a universal solution. With the right tools, our presses offer you the opportunity to transform your press into an eyelet press, rivet press, push button press, button press or hole punch in next to no time. Our solutions are used particularly in the environment of hobbyists, tailors, textile manufacturers, upholsterers, interior decorators and shoemakers.


Um panes to obtain pearl buttons will manufacture our Striker spring press needed with our additional accessories. This includes a circle cutter for punching fabrics, the cutter holder, a pad for the cutter and the respective button tools. 

Eyelets DIN 7332 made of brass stainless steel or steel electroplated from 12mm Due to their material thickness, they have to be processed with a spring impact press or hammer impact press. DIN eyelets (brass or steel) with an inner diameter of up to 10mm can also be used with one of our small IstaTools® eyelet presses.

Screw presses is ideal for working while sitting and must be mounted on a stable worktop.
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