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Our push buttons, jeans buttons, ring spring push buttons or S-spring push buttons are ideal for attaching to many materials. Whether on clothing, leather, jewelry or for handicrafts, these metal buttons are ideally suited for the production of bracelets, jackets, coats, blouses, vests or as a closure on bags and backpacks. Our snap fasteners are sewn-free and guarantee a good closure when properly attached.

Our buttons are available in different colors, such as black, antique or old brass, yellow and silver (nickel-plated) and nickel-free and can be purchased as a cheap steel variant or as absolutely rust-free brass buttons.

Jersey pushbuttons can be attached to jersey and similar cotton fabrics. The ring-shaped jersey snap fastener is often found in toddler and baby fashion, on rompers or home textiles such as bed linen, pillow cases and blankets. Jersey buttons can also be used for polo shirts, blouses and light fabrics. For medium-sized materials and lighter clothing and textiles, ours are particularly popular S-spring snap fasteners suitable. These go well with shirts, thin jackets, vests, purses and much more.

You can achieve the highest locking force with our Ring spring push button, This is ideal for leather bags, belts, leather jackets and coats with high material strength, as well as in particular leather and synthetic leather goods. These buttons can be seen through the hole on the bottom Wood, steel, plastic, etc. can be fastened using a screw or rivet. This creates a replaceable or removable Reference (e.g. for chairs, seats, tarpaulins or privacy screens.

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